15 April 2014

out of time

Not the perfect photograph, but it has to do for now. There isn't such a great colour difference between the two sides, it was the lighting in my studio that did this. The roses on the right should be a bit more like the ones on the left.

The black is my own mixed dark, mixed from an emerald green, deep crimson and dark ultramarine blue with a touch of raw sienna (yellow). I don't own black paint, it is flat and dead.

I risked getting too bogged down in this, I wanted to add, add, add. I like my works to be tidy up close. It is a challenge for me to leave things "loose" and painterly. But the owner of "my" easel needed to borrow it back for a while, just as I was about to fiddle some more. It was great timing.

So, this is it. I just need to sign it and it is all done. (Of course the patient wait for six months for it to cure and be varnished gives me a window in which it can be altered again...).

Maybe I'll let you in on my stages later, you might be surprised! 

Today I am grateful for a sense of achievement.

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N said...

Step. Away. From. The. Painting.