2 May 2013

growing some prints again

I am delighted to announce that all domestic chores have come to a halt; it is fingerprint growing time again.

I have my appointment for my permesso di soggiorno visit to the commissariate when I will hand in my expired permesso, some mugshots, plus more paperwork (there's a long story about that but far too long for a blog post!) and then begin the wait for the new permesso to be made. I will also be fingerprinted yet again, either in Cassino or Frosinone.

The permesso di soggiorno (permission to stay in the country for more than 90 days) is a magic little plastic card with all my details, life history, fingerprints (tiny problem here) and goodness knows what else imprinted into it. It's a bit like a security blanket too; until I got my ID card I was nervous without my permesso, and I still miss it when it is out of my hands.

But back to my prints. I forgot, in all my spring cleaning, that I should have been wearing gloves. So I have two weeks to grow myself some fingerprints. I went through this in 2009 too...

Here is the full 2009 story, and why I should work less (big grin) and pamper myself more!

Today I am grateful for lunch with a dear friend.

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