9 May 2013

an extra mostra

I joked, it seems like ages ago, about my mostra (exhibition, Legato), becoming a mostro (monster) that was taking over my life. While not actually being a monster, it is certainly dominating the next three weeks. This year there is an extra edition by invitation in another (hilltop) town.

I have limited the numbers to one car load of works, and the host Comune (council) has provided the easels to display twenty works. I think I will show about 30, with a little juggling and resourcefulness.

It is nice that word of the exhibition has spread, as this invitation was completely unexpected.

Today, with my wonderfully obliging flatmate to help with the paintings, I made my first ever visit to the town. I was offered two venues, one being very elegant and ornate, the other in a space that had been turned into a picture theatre.

I chose the more difficult area to work with, the theatre, because it opens onto the piazza. The elegant space, upstairs, was too far away to entice many viewers in to contemplate commemoration and peace.

The exhibition will remain up several days, so that the scuola media students currently studying WWII can visit it with their teachers. The Comune have promised to provide security for it during these visits so I don't need to be there every day. It is a bit of a drive so I am happy about that.

From there the works go to Cassino, where new ones will be added, and the main exhibition for the year will be in the Comune at Cassino with smaller works in a bank display area in the main street.

Today I am grateful for willing helpers.  

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