1 May 2013

day of the disoccupati

I see from the date on my post below that we are now into morning, and it is the first of May.

Here it is labour day, the day of rest for the worker. People are planning trips to the beach and other fun gatherings.

But on FB some time ago I shared an image which showed the poster for the "Day of the Worker" being changed to the "Day of the Unemployed". I share that sentiment here. Times are tough, the austerity measures have crippled the economy. The new Prime Minister is asking for assistance for growth rather than further cuts, in recognition of the social deprivation caused by the severity of Monti's regime. It is tough for the worker, with no security and an inadequate wage. But he, at least, has work.

Today it is more appropriate to give that day to the unemployed, the disoccupati.

Happy festa, everyone.

Today I am also grateful for loyalty. 

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