30 April 2013

sharing secrets

When you live alone you actually don't have many secrets. It seems to me that secrets usually involve more than one person. "Please don't tell..." because other people are involved in the secret.

Recently a dear friend died, and with her went my secrets. Noone can blackmail me now... I jest, of course, but there are some things that one might prefer to keep, ...well, ...secret!

Who do you tell your secrets to? I guess we all have someone with whom we like to share things that are best kept private. I have different people in my life who share and discuss different things, each of us with the other. These are confidences, rather than secrets as such. What I share in confidence with one is completely different from what I share with another. Perhaps it comes down to shared experiences and situations, or different levels of trust. But when it comes to having secrets,  perhaps now I should (if I ever have the need to share anything) simply send a post card.

If you haven't heard of the PostSecret project, watch this TED talk. It seems we all need to be heard, one way or another. You can whisper your secret, if you like, or you can simply send a postcard.

Click here to hear and read about the wonderful project and then consider the difference this man, Frank Warren, and then the second blogger who rescues and reunites photographs and people, have made in the lives of so many. I tried to find the blog mentioned at the end of the TED talk, but there are so many similar sites out there that for now I leave it to you to locate any missing photos via these sites. This site had useful information, including looking for the serial number of a camera embedded in photos. It's really amazing, what can be done. The world really is a very small place sometimes.

Today I am grateful for secrets kept. 

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