29 April 2013

ps i'm listening to this at the moment

The writer Elizabeth Gilbert is growing on me. This interview, Big Think Interview with Elizabeth Gilbert reinforces the good opinion I had of her as a speaker. I wish I had seen this before I read the book; perhaps I would have been kinder in my opinion and actually enjoyed the book more.

It's been a busy kind of day, and my spring cleaning has resulted in a huge mess on all the surfaces and some kind of order in the cupboards and drawers. I'm at that point of no return... there's no way I can put everything back where it was, so I will continue to strive for minimalism.

I can't remember, did I blog the minimalist blog before? Here is the inspiration for my wardrobe sorting, and (when I find it again) this link that will take you to an interview that is quite useful in my quest for simplicity.

Today I am grateful for hand cream.

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