21 April 2013

humble is as humble does

...is it just me?

I started to write this blog post some time ago. And then I thought better of it. But it sat there, waiting for me to come back and finish it.

I was feeling cross with all the FB posts where people were saying they were honoured and humbled - over and over - for the recognition for their works, for mentions in print, for their successes. I was cross that these artists were claiming to be feeling humble when they were plastering their successes repeatedly in different forms on an almost daily basis over several pages on FB.

I stopped writing this post because I wondered, was I envious of their successes? I decided that it wasn't the case. I was grumpy because to me it was all false. Not the success, but the "humility".

I call it advertising. But almost false advertising, wanting to come across as someone who wouldn't celebrate and enjoy this (often well deserved) attention.

What is it all about, artists? Why can't you celebrate your successes by shouting out how excited you are? Why not talk in terms of happiness, surprise, and pleasure?

Perhaps I am getting crotchety in my old age. But I don't think these people are honoured and humbled as much as they are self promoting. Artists need to do that. But, dear artists, why not promote yourselves proudly? Don't pretend to be feeling humble when you are telling literally thousands of people what you have done, while counting on the power of Facebook to spread your stories far and wide.

Humble is as humble does.

Be proud. Be happy. Advertise blatantly. But don't pretend.

Today I am grateful for honest celebration of successes. 

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nicola said...

Yeah! I agree!