7 December 2012

our big day

by Zacchi.

Well, today was a big big day. It's been a bit boring around here lately; since the olives were picked Mum doesn't come out to play much. And when she lets us in she just stays at the computer, and gets grumpy if I do anything to get her attention (you, know, raising my leg and waving at her, that sort of stuff) and she has cut Piccolina's rations and makes us eat separately now. It's all a bit much, really.

Well, after she got home last night she must have felt a bit guilty, having company and all, talking and laughing with her visitors and not even letting us come and sniff their legs. So this morning, miracle of miracles, she let us in.

WOW we thought, that sounds like walking footsteps, AND she has her jacket on, so we ran up the stairs barking like crazy things. We were so excited.

Big mistake. That's when the trouble started. She told us to be good, and my oh my did she mean it. She said we had forgotten our manners completely. And she went and got a bottle of water. Uh oh, in this cold weather?

I managed to stay quiet, well, mostly, and only got a few drops of water in my direction when I barked. That shut me up pretty fast I can tell you. When Mum says to stay quiet she really means it. But silly Pickle, she just barked even louder. You should have seen Mum run up the stairs. And Pickle got a shower. Well, part of a shower, because she moved even faster than Mum and the water went more on the floor, not so much on Pickle. But even Pickle understood, and we were like little angels while she put our leads on, and there was no more water even when Pickle scratched the door. Again. It looks more like kindling than paint, to be honest, but Mum doesn't seem to notice that.

So, out we went.

Well. Talk about unpredictable women! Instead of taking us the usual route she took us down the hill. I remember her doing this before, and it was all a bit too scary. I wasn't so keen, but then she started to run, and you know how I love to run. So off we went. It was pretty cool, and we got past the big dogs in the olive grove really fast. Then we got to some little yappy dogs (don't you just hate little yappy dogs?) and Mum made us go fast again, but they didn't cross the road. Pickle tried to go and play with them but Mum said NO. I just looked straight ahead, and trotted along perfectly. I know not to mess with that tone of voice. (Just between you and me, I didn't really want to play with them... there used to be a BIG dog there too, and you can't trust them not to hide and pounce out from somewhere!)

Mum started to get a bit tired after her running, so she slowed down a bit. She even thought about turning back. But I just reminded her that our friend Helen is about to run her 101st marathon, so Mum should just stop being a whimp and deal! So on we went. A moment later I regretted that, cos a huge dog came running out. But luckily it didn't come over either. Pickle wanted to go and play with it too, she's shameless, the little hussy. But Mum pulled and pulled the leash and we got past safely. (Did I tell you how much I love my Mum sometimes?)

Well, from there it was pretty uneventful. We talked to the postman, and we jumped a few puddles. Mamma mia, you should have seen the ice in those puddles. It was like broken sheets of glass where the postman had driven through. Then, a huge surprise for us, Mum took us to visit our best friend, Jackerd. He was almost as surprised as we were, but he still had treats for us.

We had a playdate with Panda and Lulu for about half an hour, and then Mum said we had better head home while her legs would still move. I see what she means. Now that she has cooled down she is not so keen on running everywhere. But back to the story. We were almost at the top of the hill again when Piccolina slowed down, she reckoned it had been a loooong walk. I could see Mum starting to agree with her, so I did my best encouraging behaviour and trotted like a champion. Then near the top of the rise I was a superstar, really keeping close to Mum's ankles and protecting her from the big big dog that looks a bit like a beagle or some other scary hound.

And soon we were home again. Now it is cold, and almost dark and it is not even 5pm. Mum looked at the weather forecast and said we don't know how lucky we are. She said if she had known how cold it was outside today we would not have set out for our walk, and now that she has seen what's coming we can forget about walking again for at least five days.

But I don't believe her. I think when she gets another email from Helen she will put on her hat and gloves and scarf and coat and take us walking again. But next time, I predict, it will be the other direction to the rubbish bin and back again... and we all know that that's not even a hop step and jump, it's certainly not training to keep up with Helen!

Mum says that today she is grateful for two little dogs who are wonderfully well behaved and really little superstars and she doesn't know what she would do without them and she loves them so much and she is going to give them lots of treats every hour... oh, you stopped believing me after "two little dogs"? Ok then... woof woof... wag wag... (just keep that water away from me, will you?)

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