5 December 2012

letting go...

For all the best reasons in the world I can't be at my next solo exhibition. It takes place without me.

My works will be delivered to the gallery, beautifully framed, while I am sleeping tonight. I have not seen one of these new works in a matt, let alone in a lovely frame. I hope they look as good in the real as they do in my mind. I can't see them. At least not until long after the exhibition is over, and hopefully some will sell and those I wont be able to see in their final presented form.

I am feeling rather frayed around the edges, letting go is hard.

I am a control freak when it comes to my exhibitions. I like to know how the works are framed, and I like to curate the show myself. Plans on paper mean nothing, only that the work will fit in the gallery. Once the work is in place the paintings begin to react, one with another, in unpredictable ways.

This time I am not there to read this interaction, to change, to change again. My babies have been sent out into the world without me holding their hands.

I have complete faith in the people doing all of this for me.


it is soooo hard letting go!

Today I am grateful for wonderful people on the other side of the world.

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