19 July 2012

wings and butterflies

When you give your children wings they will fly.  One of mine flew today, and I so much wanted to fly too.  Or better still, to wave that magic wand and be where my four children have settled, in three different parts of the world.

But there is also a certain sanity about being home from the airport, changing the sheets on the bed, eating all the left over meat loaf, drinking the last beer from the fridge (it is well over 30 degrees out there still)... and settling down to a (well deserved?) siesta.

The world is small, aeroplanes are accessible, all is OK.

Next week a ten degree drop in temperatures is predicted, down to about 26, just in time to start teaching again.

Today I am grateful for wonderful friends.


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

We also have family in different parts of the world, thank goodness we live in the modern world of easy communication and fast transportation.

Helen said...

iT IS ood to be in your own nest and good knowing your family are doing just fine in their own nests! How exciting working out just which continent to visit next! Enjoy the "cool" weather when it arrives.