29 July 2012

thanks Cath

Recently I seemed to have "lost the heart" for blogging. I was even considering closing the blog, and just making a better effort with the Legato blog.  Who do I blog for, after all? Surely all bloggers blog first for themselves, and then perhaps for family and friends.  This was never a business or promotional blog.

I had opened an artist's page on FB in response to requests to do so. I have hardly opened it since.  Public relations FAIL.

My Legato blog, which is important to me, is languishing after the last exhibition.

I hadn't been reading blogs I subscribe to or follow.

Emails are piling up, unanswered.

FB friends and requests are largely ignored.

Paintings remain unfinished, months down the track.

I can't blame the heat for all of that.

But in my inbox this morning was a blog by artist Cath Sheard.  It triggered something inside me.  I came to my blog to find an old post.  I felt a tiny change of current.  A positive "synaptic moment"?

Thanks Cath.

Today I am grateful for other bloggers.  


cathsheard said...

Glad to hear you may be re-energised...keep going!

Art By Tali Landsman said...

Dear Kay,
I am sorry to hear you felt discouraged about blogging.
I am not sure we blog only for ourselves...

Now on my trip to Japan, I found some blogs of two women who climbed some of the mountains I did, one is an American woman and the other Australian, and I got so much usefull information from both blogs.... As well as a lot of good ideas for future adventures.

I think we blog to share ideas, and to extend ourselves, much more than we blog for family or for ourselves.

If its was ONLY for me, I am not sure I would be blogging.

It is like leaving a true record of your ideas and your adventures, and I know that I benefited a lot from some of what others took the time to share.

With many smiles,

Kay said...

Thanks Tali, I too always thought that maybe I was writing what someone needed to read at any given moment.

Then I seemed to have no time to develop the ideas, or resize the photographs, and when I finally sat down in the evening there was nothing left of me to give.

I'll bounce back, and hopefully those ideas I wanted to share will resurface again.

Smiles and sunshine to you too :-) and thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

Helen said...

...and your readers are grateful as some of them (I understand) use your blog as a litmus type test of how their friend is faring X