16 July 2012

and back again...

I was off the air for a variety of reasons, one of which was a few days without internet.  Perhaps that has cured me of FB?

What's been happening?

Art student here
Italian language student here
Family here
Christchurch earthquake escapees here
Exhibition across the road in the local "pub"
Driving people about
Meeting trains
Cooking, shopping, sweltering in high temperatures


Doing dishes!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is just a quick update so you know that I am still here, and in this hot weather with fires all around us who knows how long the internet will stay?

(Today the temperature is a little more tolerable... down from almost 40 to maybe 34 degrees?)

Today I am grateful for happy outcomes. 

1 comment:

Helen said...

Doing dishes - and you had the best excuse to leave them with the high temperatures zapping your strength!
A satisfying task nevertheless :)