16 February 2012

to paint or to write...?

When you really can't go outside because of the weather, there is absolutely no excuse for not getting on with the work at hand.


Do I paint or write? Do I catch up with writing itineraries for visitors? Do I develop more resources? Do I front up and get some exercise and fresh air...

So much to do, what a luxury life is!

My children would tell you that when they were small they daren't say "I'm bored" because I would immediately give them a lecture and a job. They, like me, have busy and exciting lives.

How lucky we are. Life is a series of choices, and each time we make a choice we set off a chain reaction. Taking a first step, or choosing one activity over another, is not always the simple thing it appears to be. That step has a direction, an intention, and moves you to another space.

I have recently completed two small watercolours, random little scenes, just to get my hand back in before doing some exhibition works. They are pleasant, adequate, and will please someone somewhere. I look at them with my critical eye and ask the question: Would I rather have these works or a fresh sheet of paper?

The answer, this time, is that I would rather have a fresh piece of paper, but I am happy that I had the experience of painting these two little scenes. I guess the artist is calling me louder than the writer within at this moment. The novel lies in the memory of the computer untouched for two years. The writing for the peace journals is still simmering in my subconscious.

Yes, I have talked myself back into it. Get off the computer, wrap up well, and get some exercise. The writing is not calling, but the paint brush certainly is.

Rest, exercise, stretch those hamstrings and rest again. Then, inspired, energised and full of the joys of life, I will sit and paint, paint, paint.

Today I am grateful for positive action.


Anonymous said...

Would like to see the paintings CA

Kay said...

They're in the camera, just not made it to the computer yet :-) They are small watercolours, not a size or shape I like at all, but that is what was requested!