26 February 2012

lost between worlds, or grounded?

Sometimes I wonder where I belong. I call Italy home, but still get the odd question from people asking when I will return to live in New Zealand.

Who knows? I certainly don't! Home is where the heart is, and that could be anywhere.

Today I am grateful for two homes and my heart happy in many places.


Art By Tali Landsman said...

There is a quote that I like that says something like this:

"I am at home, everywhere in the world... Fit is ear, which is the stranger here....."

Hi Kay,
We just got back from a wonderful time in Venice Italy, where we enjoyed the Venice Carnival so much...

Italy... What a fabulous place....

Kay said...

Tali, you make me smile. You too have two homes, and when you write that you are "just back from..." I wonder which home you are in! We are so lucky, having this wonderful freedom :-)

The Venice Carnival is still on my wish list (my bucket list?) I hope each year that a friend might join me to share the fun there. It's just not at the time most Kiwis are travelling, but one day I will go, even if it must be on my own.

I don't like being amongst crowds of tourists, so each year I contemplate going... and choose to be at home!

Art By Tali Landsman said...

Thanks Kay.
I misspelled the quote above.
It was meant to say:

I am at home, everywhere in the world... it is FEAR, which is the stranger here....."