12 February 2012

reducing my computer time

Oddly enough, once the angst passed me by, I have been loving my periods without internet. Being "internet connection free" seems to reduce the sense of urgency that often dictates my days, or perhaps dictates my attitude to my days.

The days that I am able to connect I have almost a sense of foreboding, wondering what will be waiting for me.

Sooo... it seems obvious that I am better to reduce my time at the computer, and relax and enjoy life more. That might also be good for me physically, not shortening my hamstrings for hours every day but stretching them occasionally instead!

Apart from that, (which is a positive negative regarding use of my time) what am I doing? Painting, preparing for classes, and planning a few more resources. Avoiding coffee, drinking lots of different teas, and eating too much as usual. That's enough in any weather :-)

Today I am grateful for purring cats and happy little dogs.

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Anonymous said...

I make it a rule once a day for the internet.to hear from you CA