10 October 2014

whew! (with emphasis)

Today I received a wonderful phone call. The clients were thrilled, the recipients of the gift were emotional and elated, and the artist - she's just plain relieved!

The painting that I had completed under duress, forcing myself to meet a tight deadline and doing more damage to my wrist in the process, was unveiled at a 50th wedding anniversary dinner. Apparently the 140 guests were suitably wowed, the friends giving the gift were thrilled at the response and the recipients were so moved by it that they wanted to thank me themselves.

You can peek at it in miniature, but because it is of a personal nature I don't think I should make it too accessible here.

Now at last I can relax and maybe see some of the good parts of it (I think I did the steam train rather well). It is probably one of the most difficult commissions I have ever been given, with four separate landscapes, a townscape and a double portrait all in one painting.

The genuine pleasure in the voice of the organiser almost made up for the stress it caused me.

And while I am really, really pleased that they are all so happy, I am more pleased that I have been able to buy myself a good quality weed-eater with the proceeds.

Today I am grateful for happy clients. Whew! 

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