2 October 2014

no such thing

How often do we say that there is no such thing as a coincidence, and that our apparently random encounters are all part of what is "meant to be?"

I have recently had some rather special encounters with delightful people. With each encounter I feel that my life is richer, my "friend base" wider. I feel supported, cared for, and am feeling nurtured and warm as the temperatures begin to fall.

What will this European winter bring, I wonder? I suspect that the "corner" I have been turning for the last ten years will continue to stretch out for a while yet, but it is so lovely to feel that I am perhaps doing something worthwhile and that my ups and downs might smooth a little in the future.

Yesterday I sold a painting, and tomorrow I deliver a commissioned work. This morning special guests left, but next week more lovely people return. Life is interesting, and life is good. There has been much laughter around the table in the garden recently.

Today's departing guests arrived as perfect strangers, sent my way by a mutual friend, but they leave as wonderful friends and have left with me some lovely memories and warm hugs. I have enjoyed their company enormously and really hope that they too return.

Boomerang guests are good, and like-minded people allow me to relax freely. Perhaps I really am in the right place, doing what I should be doing. I hope so.

And are all these just amazing links between us just random coincidences in our lives? I am sure that there is no such thing.

Today I am grateful for new friends. 

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