16 March 2014


Yesterday I despatched 40 paintings (six of them mine) to be exhibited in the Palazzo Farnese in Ortona. The exhibition is being hosted by the Museum of the Battle of Ortona, and the opening event is at the end of the month. I am happy that this is yet another sign of the strength of Legato, but sometimes it really tests my own strength. I am tired.

Today has been a glorious day, and I was hoping to paint. But my tireless worker was determined that my cantina (the end bit that I treat as a garden shed/woodshed) be sorted and cleared and turned into a real room. Sigh... I really NEED my garden shed. However, you can't stop a good man on a mission, so I have now have a cleaned, cleared, disinfected and (temporarily, I suspect) mouse free end room.

Of course that meant I have been going up and down steps and stairs all day, so no quiet painting time. Tomorrow afternoon, maybe?

But I digress; yesterday was also the anniversary of the bombing of the city of Cassino. The president of the Republic and the Defence Minister were both there, along with many other dignitaries. I tossed and turned about my feelings and in the end didn't go. I should have been there to represent both the MCFRR and the NZ Italy Star Association, but not in a particularly official capacity. The programme was long, and it would have been a long time on my feet. In the end common sense prevailed, and I stayed at home until it was time to take the paintings to the Ortona representatives who were to transport them in their bus. Looking at all the photographs of the Cassino ceremony, and seeing that friends who have far more right to be there than I were not able to get close enough to hear the proceedings, I am very glad that I didn't try to "do the right thing" this time.

This morning a very sore throat confirmed that I was right to stay at home, so I didn't make it to the ceremonies today either, and one of them I really would have liked to attend.

So, no painting, no ceremonies, a sore throat, but no mice in the garden shed (oops I mean the end room of the cantina) either! The weather has been wonderful, the birds are singing so happily, and the valley is buzzing with sounds of cultivation and spring. On balance, I guess the weekend hasn't been too bad.

Today I am grateful for freshly picked mountain asparagus. 


Nicola said...

Yay clean shed! Boo sore throat!

Geoff Kemp said...

Good to hear your thinkihg of yourself
Geoff xx