12 March 2014

being drastic

And now the tree trunks are scraped and painted. More photos to come (I was sure I had taken some today but I can't find them!) It may not be the prettiest oliveto "olive orchard" in Italy, but I can hardly be held responsible for the pruning (or lack of) before I bought the property. And from now on I am going to be drastic and try to train the trees so that I can pick the crop without risking life and limb (or anyone else's life and limb).  The job should be finished by the weekend. I have learnt a few new words, like chioma (not to be confused with chiamo) and concime, so am pretty pleased with my week really. And just for good measure, the citrus got a box of their own concime, and that has been applied, raked in, and watered.

Today I am also grateful for my whistling worker. 

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