19 August 2013

old post

Occasionally I have to go to my blog to find something I have "filed" there for future reference. This morning it was details from 2011 I was needing. In the process of finding what I needed I also found this post. It was timely for me to read it again. 

I am between guests and working madly for Legato 2014, after which I will then review my life on a bigger scale. I have made no committments to anyone beyond June 2014. Will it be time for a change? Will my permesso be renewed? Will my driver's licence convert to an Italian one? (Perhaps more importantly, what is the expiry date on my passport?) So many questions, and no answers.

But for now there is more work to be done, I do apologise for not sharing more interesting stories or downloading photos recently, but time waits for no man (or woman) and I must fill my days with other things for now.

Today I am grateful for emails received.

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