5 August 2013

fever in the morning...

If fever is 40°C then there is plenty of fever here... today we hit 42°C which is 107.6°F, definitely not a healthy heat! Luckily for me where I teach at the moment there is air conditioning in the lounge.

It is after 10pm and still 34°C outside, but it is holding at 26° inside. Whew!

But thinking of 107°F and fever, here is a lovely song to take you way back when I was just a tad younger than I am now. 

Fever, with Little Willie John,  from 1956 (I love the record and needle arm; somehow those words had different meanings back then).

Or, if you prefer it, you can have a sizzling version with Peggy Lee.

Today I am grateful for plump, shiny and very tasty black cherries. 

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