8 June 2013


Tonight has been magic. Is it rash to say that summer has finally arrived?

A lovely dinner outside under the trees. Fireflies are still with us as the temperatures have not yet been too hot. Bats dart about above, and below on the valley floor there is live music and dancing, the sound floating up at just the right volume.

Vino rosso... it has to be primitivo, of course :-) and a lovely light meal. Melon and prosciutto dolce, from San Daniele, and a fresh caprese with chopped basil from the planter and my own oil. Follow this with patties and turkey sausages served with gravy, mixed fresh vegetables, poached green peppers and finish with a coffee and chocolate.

Toe-tapping music continues, the house is quiet, my guest sleeps, and the dishes and I have kept cosy company while the sounds of the tarantella and other popular songs float up the hill, over the sleeping dogs and into the kitchen.

It will soon be time for the fireworks... a blog entry and a glass of wine should just about be right!

Life is good.

Today I am grateful for a lovely evening.

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