22 June 2013

exciting for me

Last night I was very proud to have my works at the opening of "The Juniper Passion". The paintings were there to "set the scene" for patrons as they arrived. As I placed them there late afternoon it was an almost surreal experience. How did yet another amazing opportunity come about? Never in my wildest dreams in New Zealand could I have imagined what my life here looks like now.

The height of the roman amphitheatre dwarfed what appeared to be reasonably big paintings when hung in the Biblioteca last year.

 A delightful student of Scottish and Italian heritage gave me a welcome hand on a hot afternoon!
The paintings in a Roman context. How small they seem now! 

I forgot to photograph them when I arrived for the opera, but at that point they were tinged with light from the setting sun and had a beauty that I hadn't seen in them before. When I did climb down the tiered seating to photograph them just before the opera began the wonderful roman wall was flooded with poppy red light, and it seemed to me that the paintings and the surroundings were communicating, poignantly reminding me of the blood shed on Monte Cassino.

Today I am also grateful for amazing opportunities. 


Nicola said...

That's incredible, well done!

Pam Young said...

Absolutely wonderful Kay! As you say ... almost surreal - the light effect of the paintings is amazing. Fantastic!

Helen said...

A wonderful opportunity for show casing your work. Not accidental I am sure as I imagine that your talents will have been noted many times and you would be a natural choice to enhance the occasion.