12 February 2013

taking a break from blogging

Sorry for not blogging recently, and no, I am not in NZ. An email tonight from someone who thought I was in NZ made me realise that quite a few days have passed without blogging. Yes it had been my intention to spend this European winter in NZ, but my plans changed considerably a few months ago.

My blogging is usually an evening affair, my conversation with myself. I think it assures me that I still exist, I have a voice, I am who I am.

But with a steady stream of visitors, yes, even in the winter, I don't really feel the need to blog.

My present visitor (now that my favourite tenor has gone to sing elsewhere) is a Wellingtonian. She is fully embracing Italian life, and establishing friendships with people I hadn't met myself as she goes to the pizza shop and has bread made with fillings as she likes it, generally creating a world that I didn't know existed. How she does it with no Italian absolutely mystifies me!

A few days ago I gave her a pattern to crochet a jacket for Zacchi, as she likes to knit or create in her free time. She set off to the shop to buy some wool... blow me down if she didn't find a tartan jacket ready made, so guess who went to Carnevale in costume? No, not me, I am merely the onlooker. Costume is not really my thing, unless at a private theme party. Zacchi went, sporting his new jacket, and was much admired and fussed over in town.

Now the snow is falling. I have seen enough snow to know the downsides (remember last year? My budget still hasn't recovered from the roof avalanche that squashed my car). I am not leaving the car anywhere near the house at the moment, just in case!

It's great having new eyes though... my guest is like a child on Christmas day as the snow settles on the orange trees. It's not that I no longer feel the wonder, I really do. Snow is delightful. But the damp is not, the ache in the joints is not, and so I greet the snow with ambivalence now.

As my visitor talks of winter wonderlands and runs out to take photos of snow on citrus (yes, that was me, in previous years) I think about the firewood supply, and wonder if we will be blocked in again this year, or whether I will lose any more citrus trees. Snow was not the norm here, but times seem to be changing. A few years ago I drove several kilometres to find snow. Now I am happy to enjoy the vista and keep the fire burning.

Actually, I'm not sorry for a lapse in blogging. After all, my family email and skype, they know that all is well. Friends email occasionally.  I blog mostly for myself, and if I decide to take a break then that's exactly what I will do. Life has been really busy with trips to Cassino for different things including organising the next Legato (two venues this year) and my evenings have been filled with friends and fun. So why, really, should I feel bad for not blogging?

Today I am greatful for olive tree firewood.

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