3 February 2013

it (nearly) was spring...

The day before yesterday was a lovely spring day, so I weeded my bulb and herb garden. Believe it or not there are herbs in there... but every time my worker comes to do heavy work he kindly tidies my garden and slashes back the plants he doesn't recognise. Maybe if I poke the sticks around them he will think twice next time...  and in the meantime the lemon thyme and sage are making a recovery. The others? Well, let's pretend they weren't ever there!

The rosemary, in another garden (not photographed), has got away on me and is a bit "leggy" now. I think it needs a severe pruning, but I haven't the heart to attack it. It will make nice indoor decorations for a while, rather than firewood!

So we had a tantalising taste of spring. Today, however, is another story. With snow on the hills across the valley and the mercury falling it's a quiet night indoors by a roaring fire for me! 

Today I am grateful for home made wine and quality cheeses. 

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