7 October 2012


An interesting floral arrangement, one of two outside the basilica in Bari.  Wedding decorations were being set up as we watched. This was gypsophilla and small roses in a cane basket. 

 More of the interesting sculptures in the museum in the Svevo castle (Norman-Swabian) in Bari.

Our hotel near Ostuni, an oasis which felt as though it was in the middle of nowhere. We were surrounded by huge gated walls and acres of olive trees.  It didn't seem to be "Italy", more like some hacienda far from civilisation.  I'll definitely go back there again.  

Some of the wares in a shop in Alberobello... I didn't see the "no photos" sign until I had taken this shot.  Oops!

Our wait for the guide to show us around the sassi at Matera was made quite pleasant as we watched a bridal party being photographed.   The guide had to collect his daughter from school and deliver her home before he could come to us.  The horses were quite splendid, with glossy black coats, long tails and manes, and white feathers in their bridles.  I would have loved to photograph from better angles, but... I am sure you can work it out from this. 

Today I am grateful for tall company. 


Helen said...

Now I feel I have much more on my "must visit" list. Mind you Bari has always been a place that holds part of my family history (and many other NZ'ers too)

Kay said...

Yes, Bari saw many Kiwis nearly 70 years ago. My dad spent time in Bari, and resting at a beach north of Bari after his time in hospital I think.