6 October 2012

a good choice

On the recommendation of a friend from Bari we next visited Polignano a Mare, a small town along the coast.  It was well worth the stop, (and the home made gelato in the air-conditioned shop was a bonus!)

We wandered through beautiful white streets and houses, and gazed down at the bathers below.

 A lookout over the sea had us marvelling at the balcony... or rather the drop from it into the sea.  (Look carefully at where the archway meets the rock in the photo below). A high diving competition takes place in this town every year.  That must be absolutely spectacular.

 Another claim to fame is that Polignano a Mare is the birthplace of the singer Domenico Modugno (of "Volare" fame) and this statue was a refreshing sight after too many churches and saints and too much history for a bear of little brain.  So, the next time you are listening to Nel blu dipinto di blu  spare a thought for the young lad from this pretty seaside town and enjoy the wonderful statue.

Today I am also grateful for helpful friends.  

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Jackerd said...

what a delight to have friends everywhere