26 May 2014

time to reflect

The exhibition visitors have dwindled since Friday. I often wonder if it is worth staying open for the last few days, but it is in that time that the "word of mouth" visitors and the repeat visitors come.  I would hate them to be disappointed. The exhibition continues for a few more days.

This year, for numerous reasons, I am tired and am waiting to pack up and move out of this space. I want to go home, nurture myself, and enjoy the fireflies and the view. I want healthy food and time to walk. I want my life back.

In June some long-awaited visitors arrive. It will be so much fun seeing everything through their eyes. I know they are disappointed to miss the exhibition, but I will enjoy their company so much more with this responsibility lifted from my shoulders.

My Dad and my uncle came to Cassino with the NZ veterans. I had some precious hours with them on their last day here. It was hard to let them go when we had barely said hello. I marvel at their fortitude, their resilience. I lacked a little of that this year and found that my patience disappeared as the pressure went on.

It's time to retreat for a while.

I need to hug some children and grandchildren.

Today I am grateful for a little time for me.


Sarah said...

Love you, Mamma. <3

Teacake said...

> I need to hug some children and grandchildren.

Yoohoo! This way! We're over heeeeere!