9 February 2014

frank comment

I have had to correct my title. As I leaned over to my computer (which is on a raised level safely away from watercolour paint tubs - I hope) I typed "rank comment". The error was perhaps every bit as accurate as the intended title.

As my next little bit of illustration dries enough to add to it, I read this rather frank comment about art. I read it on Sott.net (Signs of the Times) but it was written/published in 2011 by Glen Coco on vice.com and is entitled Corruption of Art: I'm sick of pretending - I don't "get" art. 

I don't condone the language used, after all the English language has many more appropriate words than those chosen, but you might enjoy/appreciate the article anyway.

I was once lucky enough to see some excellent and thought-provoking work by Tracey Emin, but in this instance I agree -at least in part - with the writer.

Today I am grateful for a heater and a hot lunch. 

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Sarah said...

I've read this before! I agree that the art world is in bit of a sad state of disrepair. I have a friend who is an excellent poet, and he won't even go to open mic nights being they are too disheartening. Best we can do is keep being true to ourselves, creating to the best of our own ability, and -seriously - make enough stunningly, gobsmackingly, beautiful pieces to counteract the (IMHO) ridiculous amount of work out there.

Art war!
Keep fighting the good fight!